Weekend Watch: Tully (2018)

When I sat down in the theater to watch Tully I could barely remember the trailer. It looked like it would have some motherly moments, a distant father storyline, and possibly a few laughs. Though rocky this movie gives a lot more than that.

Tully is about a mother of two expecting her third. She is overworked, overwhelmed, and feels empty about what her life has become. It’s far from an uncommon storyline but the characters and the journey they take are very unique. When her brother hires a night nurse to take on some of the responsibility the idea of Marlo becoming one of those cupcake baking PTA moms is no longer a pipe dream.

Though it falls flat occasionally this film is a reminder that in a world filled with reality stars and millionaires living a peaceful life, caring for your children, and having a normal yet loving marriage is truly a gift. Women are usually left feeling extreme guilt for not being able to solve every issue in the household and it’s a beautiful thing to see a film call bullshit on that idea and the dangers that it can have. By the end scene, I could barely remember the things I planned to nitpick.

This is definitely worth the watch with your mom or husband!

Rating: ✪✪✪


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