Rough Around The Edges – Album Review

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The branding and story behind The SLVR Tongues is that they are three different parts put together to create something new. It’s not new but it’s not something to ignore. Country music groups are becoming more popular and as pop artists take on a country sound it’s important that the industry draws the line or erases it if that’s what fans want. The new album “Rough Around The Edges” is just that. It’s a pop, country, rock mashup that ends up mostly soft with a few rough moments. I’m going to take you track by track.

“S-Class” is the first track and it’s what we’ve heard from groups and duos for the past few years. Lost love, repetitive pop hook, late night hookups. It’s been done and it’s been done better. You’re going to hear me say this a lot so be ready. The production is great, it has promise, but it falls short and at a genre that people are already looking down on. If you’re going to do this you better be ready to blow everyone away.

“Shining In The Dark” is actually the track that got me to keep listening. Its the best I’ve heard from them lyrically and goes with their branding. I’ve long accepted their sound but I really enjoy the darker edge especially in Hannah’s voice. It gives them a soul.

This is the love song that should have replaced “S-Class”. It has more heart, it’s not childish, but it still shows off their pop/country mix. If you take this track for what it is it can get stuck in your head so be careful!

I really wanted to like this song and I wanted to end this on a good note, however, this song doesn’t do it for me. It starts off with promise but the lyrics just kill it entirely. It’s cliche and throws Johnny Cash into the mix like girls quote Marilyn Monroe. It has promise but it’s trying too hard be (dare I say it) rough around the edges.

Final thoughts: Skip “S-Class”, drive to “Shining In The Dark”, love to “Ain’t Just The Whiskey”, and skip “Johnny Cash”. Just not the real Johnny Cash. Listen to him too. Let me know what you guys think! Am I totally wrong?

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