Carissa Leigh

Last night I heard “The Delta” by Carissa Leigh and realized I’ve been wasting my time with too many other female acts. The album Better Than I’ve Been (2016) is full of soulful and perfectly produced tracks. Each one tells a story and deserves some time on your radio and trust me when I say most of them are radio ready!

Some of her quirk reminds me of Kacey Musgraves but she has grit. Songs like “So Long” add punch to the album. It was the tracks with that grit that kept me around and I think it will be the same for most of you. As I listened through I couldn’t decide if she was showing off her range or trying to find her niche but she plays both parts perfectly and it was fun to see where the next track would go. Make sure to check her out online and tell her I sent you!

Carrisa Website | Facebook | Twitter

I’m going to start adding interviews, playlists, and more local Austin this week so please feel free to send over you or your favorite artist’s tracks and info! Tweet me!

Photo Cred: Facebook 


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