Luke Combs

Some of you are going to say I’m late to the party but I’m just happy I finally got here. I came across Luke Combs doing an Eric Church cover on Twitter and maybe sorta fell in love with the guy. He has an amazing voice, great music, and is already on his way to being 2017’s breakout Country act. Just ask Billboard. He is featured as one of their Artists To Watch this year and you should definitely check out the interview. It gives a great insight into his music, personality, and what he’s hoping for in the future.

 If you need more than just his pure talent he’s funny, hardworking, and will connect with such a large audience that I’d bet money that he will succeed. The one and only video on his Youtube account is for the single “Hurricane”. With over 2,000,000 views and 23,000 likes he’s definitely not being overlooked by listeners. In 2016 he was selling out shows, opening for big acts, and reportedly getting ready for an even bigger release. Just 9 days into 2017 he’s already Bobby Bone’s first Class of 2017 Artist. So I might be late but I’m definitely not the last.

Follow him on Twitter, check out his Website, and make sure to support his music!


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