Twitter Tuesday: Dustin Sonnier

Photo Credit: Dustin Sonnier

Now that we are all back to work it’s definitely time for more music. Dustin Sonnier released his EP early last year (yes I mean 2016) and with it came a lot of great music. He’s currently touring and I wanted to shine some more light on his amazing style. The track above, People Like Me, is one of my favorites. It’s loud, fun, and definitely catchy! The track below shows the softer side of Dustin’s music. Whiskey Makes Her Miss Me is smooth and shows that he has one hell of a range. Going places doesn’t begin to explain how impressed I am with his music. Go grab his EP “Country” on iTunes and let him know I sent you!

Go show Dustin some love and check out his upcoming events to find a show near you. What did you think of this week’s Twitter Tuesday? Let me know and be sure to send me the artists you love right now.


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