Twitter Tuesday: High Valley

Photo Credit: High Valley Facebook

Happy Twitter Tuesday! This morning I was scrolling through my followers list looking for music that I knew you all would love.

Did I find it? High Valley is a little hard to get to know via social media but who needs more than their debut single”Make You Mine” to get to know the duo. Its energetic and catchy, aka the only thing you need to make it through another work day!

Their music always points toward a more modern sound. They save themselves with the fact that it has some heart. They both (brothers Brad and Curtis by the way) have an easy going demeanor that creates music that doesn’t seem as far fetched as a lot of current male artists. They seem like two good boys that made it out of their small town. Without a doubt life is tougher signed to Warner and trying to compete in the giant market that is country music but every new fan counts. A little country and a little folk seem to make for a fun sound and I hope you like it!

They are currently touring so check that out on their website  also stay connected with them on Twitter and Facebook!

Let me know if you liked it on Twitter and send me your favorite artists so we can get some Artist Spotlights rolling this week!


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