Twitter Tuesday: Cody Johnson

It is Twitter Tuesday and I went through my followers list to find you someone whose music not only helped wake me up this morning but also made me excited to share with you. Cody Johnson is a true Country artist. Boots, buckle, hat, and all. With a strong Texas boy twang it is damn fun to listen to.

Now we’ve seen a lot of male wanna be’s lately. Too many “country” boys that sing a bit more like Justin Bieber than George Strait. Not Cody. His voice is strong, his presence known, and his music is what should be playing on Country radio. “With You I Am” is one example. A love song. Nothing cheesy, fake, or sickeningly sweet about it. If anyone wants to tell me they love me or miss me… this is the song you need to play (just a hint).

His roots are grounded in the church and bull riding. When he speaks and sings his words are humble and determined. Go to his website to listen to music, read his bio, and learn more! Its exciting when you see someone so talented gaining speed like this. Be one of the people who knew him “back in the day” because his career is moving fast.

Connect with Cody: Website | Twitter | Facebook 

Get his album “Gotta Be Me” on iTunes!


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