Twitter Tuesday: Charley Woods

I don’t know about you guys but it feels like a nice night to relax. Grab your drink of choice, find a porch, and listen to the beautiful singer/songwriter, Charley Woods. This young lady is currently taking Nashville by storm and I don’t think its going to take her very long to push past the city limits. Contemporary Country could use a few more sweet souls and she is one of the best.

If you look at her youtube channel you’ll a see a young girl with a humble start to releasing music. Homemade videos, muffled audio, and a voice that stands out among all of that. She’s now releasing music with a bigger punch. “Maybe” shows off a free spirit and an artist that can rock a track with only a guitar (GASP). I know, I didn’t think they existed anymore either. She has since worked with artists such as Brad Paisley, Chris Young, and David Nail.

Even with all of the soft and subtle tracks she proves herself worthy of the charts with “So Far Gone”. This is the country music I’ve missed from female artists. Its strong, sweet, intricate, and intoxicating. Its not pop. Its easy to listen to. It’s gonna take a minute to adjust but trust me the sugar withdrawals won’t last forever and you’ll be happy you found a solid new artist to love.

Connect with Charley: Website | Facebook | Twitter


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