Twitter Follower Tuesday: Steve Moakler(‘s Fans)

Alright so this isn’t actually Steve Moakler but it is the most important part of his success, the fans. They have a Twitter fan page dedicated to updating everyone on tour dates, new music, and news about Moakler. If you don’t know him he is definitely worth the fan dedication. Watch the introduction video below to get a taste of who he is and why he is on everyone’s watch list.

Once you get beyond the fact that a young artist can be so grounded you’ll hear that his music is also top-notch. That powerful combination makes for an “Artist To Watch” that is already better than the artists topping the charts. We all know my opinion on the state of country music but seriously, he’s the real deal. His latest self-titled EP is the perfect example. One of those tracks, “Suitcase” caught my attention yesterday and I added it the Good Morning Music Mix. Listen to that below.

If you hadn’t heard of Steve yet you can thank his fans! Follow their page and get to know Steve.

Steve Moakler Fans | Steve Moakler Twitter | Official Site


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