Thank You.

This Memorial Day I don’t have much planned. I live away from my family. All of my friends that have served are back East but I want to make some kind of effort. I want to start off with a quick story. We all remember the riots in Ferguson. They were awful and no matter which side you stand on it was a bad situation. However what I remember most about the Ferguson riots were the videos of people burning American flags. I couldn’t understand that. I couldn’t understand how people could burn the flag of the country that gave them that right. So I went out and bought a flag to replace the one I saw burn. It hangs in my room. I see it every day and I remember how blessed I am.

I want to thank the soldiers that understand that feeling. They want to be a part of our armed forces because they believe in protecting this country. We are a part of a tricky system and our soldiers come out of service not getting the respect and appreciation they deserve. Let’s do something to help them every day. Donate your time and/or money to help soldiers overseas and to help the men and women that have already come back home. They deserve a handshake, a hug, and “Thank you”. I’ve included just a few organizations that help. Please share the ones you work with or know.

Hope For Warriors –


United Service Organizations –

To those that are fighting you are in our hearts and prayers. To those that have fallen, a thank you may never be enough but we are thankful.


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