Mark Leach – Homemade EP

Nashville singer/songwriter Mark Leach has a new EP today! Homemade is a four track EP full of modern country that will fuel your week. The single “If You’re Down” is your new Friday night get ready song.
“After Party” is the easiest listen but Mark shows his full potential on “If There’s A Bar Up In Heaven”. His voice is perfect for a “traditional” sound. His music blends modern and classic without falling too far on either side but still leaves me wanting a  bit more soul and less mainstream. Even with that thought I think this EP is charming, fluid, and I guarantee you’ll be in love by the end of it.
No more snapbacks, I want my country with a southern drawl.

Get Homemade on iTunes Now and let me know what you think!

Homemade EP: 3/5 Great listen with a few growing pains.

Connect with Mark: Website Facebook Twitter


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