Runaway Angel – No End In Site Album

My Dixie Chick days are far from being over. I still find myself humming verses so when I heard about Runaway Angel I knew that I had to listen to their new album No End In Sight. Released today, this is the perfect album for summer. If this isn’t a get ready with your girls, new love, Sunday afternoon soundtrack I’m not sure what is.

Cadence Grace, Ann Chaplin and Stacey Zegers all started out as solo artists but in 2013, they officially became Runaway Angel. Don’t think that these ladies are newbies. Individually they have toured internationally, made great music, and opened festivals. No End In Sight is the perfect showcase of what experienced, passionate, and fun Country music sounds like. With the best decision they could have made out of the way, they are already finding success together. The two singles “Our Story” and “Run Angel Run” have performed well and with no doubt in my mind helped to solidify their potential.

There’s only one problem. Like me, you might get lost in it after a while. As great as each track is they blend together. You’re going to forget a few but there isn’t one that sticks out among them. This album is safe in the best way but if you were hoping for that “Landslide” moment you’re not going to get it this time around. Here’s to hoping we get it next time!

No End In Sight: 4/5 – Keep em coming!

Buy No End In Site on iTunes now and let me know what you think!

Connect with Runaway Angel: Website |  Facebook


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