The Gillis Silo – Long Time Coming EP

The new EP Long Time Coming from The Gillis Silo is the perfect mix of bad boys and great talent. The single “Rock In Your Country” was a hit from the start but don’t think they are a one trick pony. This EP opens up and plays a more traditional sound on “God Knows My Name”. The songwriting is impeccable, its delivery impressive, and I can’t stop listening.

Their backstory is one that Hollywood movies are made of. Singer/songwriter Caleb Paul was deployed in Afghanistan when he started working on material for the band that would eventually become The Gillis Silo. Since 2014, they appeared on stage with mainstream Country acts like Florida Georgia Line, Trace Adkins, and Eli Young Band just to name a few. They aren’t going anywhere and neither should you. Connect with them using the links below and buy the new EP now! You won’t regret it.

Buy the EP on iTunes here and let me know what you think!

Long Time Coming EP: 4/5

Connect with The Gillis Silo: CMTFacebook | Twitter


One comment

  • Just saw the video for “God Knows My Name”; it gave me goose bumps, because that song could have been written about me.


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