Upcoming April Albums

These albums are coming out soon and you should be excited! Every album with a * is an artist that I think deserves a review. These aren’t the mainstream albums (because you’re going to see 100 reviews for the new Martina) but the ones that have a special sound. Like them or not I want to give them my undivided attention. So if you’re curious stay updated on Twitter to know when those reviews are out!

Runaway Angel – No End In Sight Due April 22nd 2016*

Crossroad Station – Our Neck of the Woods Due April 22nd 2016*

Grady Spencer & The Work – The Line Between Due April 22nd 2016

Curtis Wright – Curtis Wright Due April 22nd 2016

Jacob Bryant – Unplugged (Vol. 1) Due April 29th 2016

Chad Brownlee – Hearts On Fire Due April 29th 2016

Madeline Merlo – Free Soul Due April 29th 2016

Martina McBride – Reckless Due April 29th 2016

Lonestar – Never Enders Due April 29th 2016

Nikki Claire – Circus Due April 29th 2016*

Lowbird Highbird – November Moving In Due April 29th 2016*


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