Artist Spotlight: Cam

Today I’m going to take a look into the world of one of the brightest young stars in Country music. Cam is a spirited blonde with a voice for the ages and songs for everyone. Even the Country music haters love her sound. You can see that in the comments of the video for “Burning House” (a single from her new album, Untamed) which has well over 14 million views on youtube. Yes, that’s million with an “m”.

Cam, a name that her management likes to say is “the simple, three-letter name that is bold. And that rings true to the art, and the heart.” They aren’t wrong. Her sound is one that we haven’t heard in a while. With a stunning voice and minimalistic tracks, her emotion comes through in every word. You can’t listen without connecting. She has fixed in one album what the entire music industry is paying out of the ass to get someone to do. She is the diamond among the rubble, the beer cans, and the mud tires.

The mix of Country, Folk, and Blues comes from a lifetime of loving music and chasing dreams. Cam’s story is one that a lot of people can relate to. Hard working father, rule breaking mother, and a talent for getting those stories out into the open. What she calls a “fluke” is actually a lot of talent finally being recognized. She signed with both Arista Nashville and RCA Records after charming executives with a crossover superstar in the making. Cam is no joke or one hit wonder. She is one a few acts bringing Country music full circle and showing music fans that Country music can and will be what’s playing on hit radio stations in the near future.

Get the album Untamed now on iTunes!

Connect with Cam: Website | Facebook | Twitter

  I want to take a second to thank everyone for sticking with me while I make the switch over to Country music. I’m still getting the hang of finding new artists and music. If you want to send me your tracks or just let me know what you’re listening to email me at


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