Josh Williams – Modern Day Man

The new album Modern Day Man is for the serious Country Music lover among us. Carried by Josh Williams great voice this album will take you out of your corner office and back to the farm. It’s an easy listen and definitely worth the time. Grab a coffee and enjoy!

The surprise favorite for me is “Let It Go”. This beautiful song about understanding the relationship between a child and God is the true gem of this album. Williams has the ability to melt over a song and when he slows it down (just a bit) you really get to know what he can do. The songwriting on this album is near perfect. Country music can often be cheesy and overdone but Modern Day Man has its own twist on everything.

Modern Day Man has a great balance of fun, heartbreak, and religion to make for a solid Country Music album. His talent is obvious on every track and when you’ve been listening to modern country radio this is going to remind you that artists are sticking to their roots. Some of them like Josh Williams are doing a damn good job.

Modern Day Man: 4/5 – Great album!

Buy Modern Day Man on iTunes now!

Connect with Josh: Website


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