Kelsea Ballerini – Best New Female Artist

So if you’ve been wondering who the gorgeous girl singing with Nick Jonas at the ACM Awards was, look no further. Kelsea Ballerini has been stealing hearts since she signed with Black River at age 19. Last night at 22 she took home the ACM Award for New Female Vocalist Of The Year and sang to the packed house of screaming country music fans.

I’ve said this before but female country singers are truly holding their own right now. She is a little too Taylor Swift for me to fall head over heels but she is currently holding a prime spot in the industry. Shes sweet, pretty, and down to earth. Young women will love her and young men will want to. Country music needs these girls to keep the next generation paying attention to the genre. She gets to keep the best demographic (young teenage girls) and country music gets to keep them around long enough to fall further in love with other artists.

My opinion on country to pop crossovers still remains a strong “please don’t” but when  I see artists like Kelsea walking that line so well I can’t help but enjoy it. I wish her a ton of success and a congratulations on a great start with the ACM Awards.

Get the single “Peter Pan” on iTunes!

Connect with Kelsea: WebsiteTwitter


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