Chris Stapleton – Best New Male Artist

Chris Stapleton ruled the ACM Awards last night. Male Vocalist Of The Year, New Male Vocalist, Album Of The Year, and Song Of The Year. “Wow” doesn’t begin to explain that. His success represents the fact that country fans know good music when they hear it.

His strong voice and southern style is overtaking the current trend of bro-country as fans are celebrating a more traditional sound. Even though he made a major sweep at the ACM’s he isn’t a new face in the industry. Chris has worked as a musician and songwriter (possibly perfecting his sound in the process) since the early 2000’s. A few of his songwriting credits include “Never Wanted Nothing More” by Kenny Chesney and “Lovers Gonna Make It Alright” by George Strait but he has well over 150 credits on work in various genres. That kind of versatility is exactly what country music and the music industry at large needs to be celebrating. Thousands of people make the move to Nashville/Hollywood/New York to hit it big but the standards on who makes the cut needs to go up. Listeners aren’t stupid. The success of an artist like Chris in this market is the only example we need.

2016 is the year we take back country music and with artists like Chris finding their way onto the radio we’ll have no problem.

His new album “Traveller” is available now on iTunes!

Connect with Chris: Website | Twitter | Facebook


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