Review: Levi Hummon – Levi Hummon EP

Levi Hummon’s self-titled EP is unapologetically modern and unfortunately you’ve heard it before, a lot. Think Hunter Hayes mixed with a pop version of Florida Georgia Line. This is the current state of country music. A lot of young men fading into the next pretty face. The boys need to pick it up because the ladies have been able to pull country music back to its roots by mixing it with blues, r&b, and gospel. This pop/hip-hop/country fusion is all sounding the same and eventually the fans are going to get tired of being courted by the same men.

When you get past the packaging the music itself is lackluster. I know that this sound has its niche and I won’t be the one to push it away however this EP sounds rushed. He doesn’t have the voice of Hunter Hayes. Those slow, smooth, take your time vocals make a huge different between an experienced artist and new one.  The lyrics have their place but within the first three tracks I could name songs released in the past month that all have the same idea, sound, and wording.

Overall: 2/5 – Just not enough this time around.

If you loved it let me know and you can follow Levi with the links below!

Connect with Levi: Website | Facebook | Twitter


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