Kiiara – Low Kii Savage

In case you don’t know me, I have been obsessed with this young woman since her first track started trending on Undrtone. For the first few months of my search for her I could only find one photo. Day by day her presence has grown and her cool girl score has gone up… think far past the generic Lorde. The first full project Low Kii Savage was recently released on Spotify. It features that first track “Gold”, her second “Tennessee”, and four other tracks one of which is heating up online charts, “Intention”.

This small collection of tracks will open up new fans to what she has to offer. Kiiara is a beautiful mix of Ke$ha, Kat Dahlia, and Jhene Aiko. She doesn’t push past the pop/hip-hop tracks behind her but somehow blends in to create something so hypnotic you forget you’ve had pop princesses shoved down your throat your entire life.

Check out Low Kii Savage and let me know what you think!

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