On a personal note…

I created this blog for myself. It was meant to be a way to stay involved. It grew quickly into a second job working on other web sites and I tend to put this on the back burner. I don’t always write about music I love which is a bummer but its life. I’m not always excited to listen to music which sucks because I love this industry. I’m overwhelmed not by writing but my life that sits in the corner waiting for me to finish an article. Like all 20 somethings, I’m overwhelmed by the thought that I can’t pay a few bills this month. Not because I screwed around and spent my income but because I’m playing a fun balancing act. Life is good. Excuses are bad. I wanted to put this up because I needed to remind myself what it means to work hard. Not just 9-5. but 5-11 (Hey I need sleep!).

Here is to everyone that is busting ass and working hard!

Thank you,