Rita Ora – Poison AKA The New Folgers Song!

So we take the good (Beck – Dreams) with the bad. I just heard Rita’s “Poison” on the Twitter Trending 140. Why does she always sound like a jingle? I kept waiting for the “Folgers in your cup…” I’m sorry was that rude?

So I included the lyric video just so you could get the best of it. I’m trying not to pick on the art because that seems like a bitchy move but… what? The entire package is confusing but back to the song. So shes talking about beer for breakfast (I like it), sanity for lunch (fact check?), innocence for dinner (Illegal in America), and anything else to fill her up… with were gonna say love. I get the idea but what happened when they were writing it? A lot of people will say bad songs don’t make sense when in reality they do but they are just bad songs. This one actually doesn’t make sense. Common occurrence with Rita Ora.

I’ve heard a lot of young (R&B/Pop/Hip Hop) artists start out with amateur songs but she can’t seem to grow out of them.

Let me know what you think @MeFromAustin!

– Savannah


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