Shuffle Sunday (Mixing Apps)

This shuffle Sunday I decided to mix it up between different apps. Each of these songs is a little different and instead of reviewing good or bad I chose to show the tracks that I liked listening to. Life is too short to give attention to bad music. Embrace the good and just hit shuffle!

Undrtone: Smilers of the Night – Stop Light Observations 

This track is music licensing gold. I immediately wanted to start looking for television shows to place it. Intertwining genres create an easy to listen to track whether you’re driving downtown or getting ready to commit the perfect crime. Think police lights and a cliffhanger.

Spotify (New Releases): Prisoner – Jordan Bratton 

This track impressed because of its imperfections. I don’t know how it was created but it sounds homemade in such a great way. It is music with a purpose behind it and a message that you can feel instead of having to decode confusing words. He reminds me a young kid you could hear singing in any church or street corner. He is talented in a humble and beautiful way. He never steps past his ability and instead allows himself to be heard as he is.

My favorite lines:

Now silent and slowly
After a while she’s lonely
She waits to die
A livin’ waste of time

theDrop (New Releases): Where Are You Now – Justin Bieber (Jack U Remix) 

I’ve heard this song a few times on the radio since its release and I can’t lie… it is still stuck in my head. I first heard it on the carpool karaoke video with James Cordon. Though Justin isn’t in the spotlight of this track he adds an extra star power that it needed to be added to radio playlists. A great song for summer parties that are already blowing up everywhere in Austin.

– Savannah


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