Shuffle Sunday (Undrtone Trending)

Figured Shuffle Sunday would be the best day to commit to doing these posts. They are just a way to hear about a few new tracks and artists. Some are good. Some are not. This week I wasn’t overly impressed and I actually had to search a little because I didn’t want to finish the other songs.

Like A Shadow – Toyboy & Robin 

This track has a pop catchiness mix with a cool kids vibe. The vocalist broods over an upbeat track about a man who is obviously doing her wrong. Its a great song overall but the music behind her is the best part. Toyboy and Robin are known for creating some amazing tracks. Don’t miss out on this one. Just in time for a failed summer romance.

Search Party – Sam Bruno 

This song is good in a every other song is good right now. Its a little generic. The current trend of mumbling young women over a beat heavy track has worn its welcome in my headphones.

Phantom – ORKA 

So I can’t lie. I’ve heard this song before and loved it. I could do without the fuzziness but all together this song is beautiful. In my opinion an amazing addition to a lazy summer night.

Swim – Beffroi 

Remember what I said about mumbling young women? Well I heard another one but I could appreciate it a little bit more. Not quite the 12 year old trying to be 18 and more of the trying to convey a deep emotion while missing the mark. This isnt a bad track overall but her vocals leave something to be desired.

Could you tell I wasn’t impressed? Not a great listening hour I just had but I’m gonna head over to Spotify and try to find some great new artists. Listening to anything you think I should hear? Share it with me @MeFromAustin on twitter!

Remember the best way to find new music is to just hit shuffle!

– Savannah


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