Dear Whiny Music Listener

While I was in college, I had a lot of students ask me about the music industry. “What do you think about mainstream music?” “What is your opinion on the failing music industry?” “There is no music anymore, it all sounds the same.” That is the laziest thing I think I had ever heard. No new music? No variety? What world are you living in? The current music industry is holding so much music its almost impossible not to hear something new each day. As it has been since the beginning of time… you’ll have to look beyond the radio.

We hear so much good music we feel is being ignored while also hearing so much bad because music is so easy to create thanks to technology and free services. In the end it equates to the average music listener being frustrated by the industry instead of thankful for creating superstars and idols. In reality the drowning industry isn’t the professional’s fault but our own. We think anyone can make music and should be internationally recognized. So instead of following the masses, we think ‘How is this person famous?’ every time someone releases a new single.

Beyond using technology to create music, there is no end to where you can find new music. Right now I’m listening to an app on chrome called Undertone (specifically Alessia Cara – Here). This app is just a large magazine style layout full of artist art that you click and play. Go ahead and judge the book by its cover! Find something interesting. (Song change Flor – Unsaid)

The obvious apps/sites such as Spotify and Pandora offer multiple ways to find new music. The worst thing to do is make playlists. You get into a playlist rut and you’ll never find new music (Song change: BB King – The Thrill Is Gone). If you aren’t finding new music online or with an app you’re doing something wrong and that is probably it. Even using iHeart Radio can kill your new music search by always listening to the same radio stations by mainstream artists.

Now for the biggest complaint ever, radio. (Song change – Who Do I Think I Am by Missio). Mainstream radio has always been this way and don’t listen to someone your age that says it hasn’t. In fact, it was worse. Less stations = Less variety. Today we are lucky enough to have at least two stations per genre in our area. From oldies to pop to alternative all the way to metal everyone can find a station on the radio. Radio is meant for a specific target audience (mainstream listeners), however so the most popular songs will be played often. However here is an easy fix. Ready? Request a freaking song! I have never not heard a song I requested on the radio. Not once. Unless the song is completely obscure or you are on the wrong station they should have it. (Song change Chasing Dusk by Stereostruck)

Being picky about the music you listen to is one thing (a good thing) but complaining that you can’t find anything cool enough for you just makes you sound like an ass. Open your ears and your mind. Look for new music in a new place. Support the music you love by buying their music once you have fallen in love with an artist. Just please don’t think that the major artists and their labels are the devil because someone you think is cool said so. The industry is changing and growing in new exciting ways. We’re all just trying to give the consumer the best music experience they can have.

Good luck finding new music and be sure to share with me @MeFromAustin on Twitter!

– Savannah


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