Spotify Shuffle

My Spotify shuffle is where I go into a playlist, shuffle through songs, and rank them with a short review. Finding new artists and music is easiest when you just hit shuffle.

5. Stronger by Kiesza 

Music from Soundtracks have been blowing up again. I hadn’t heard the song or the soundtrack before it played in New Music Tuesday. Its a great track and she did a great job. It doesn’t blow me away but it fits the soundtrack feel that I was expecting.

4. Just Like Blood by Sharon Van Etten

This song reminds me of something I’ve heard before but can’t place. Perfect for a montage on a tv drama Sharon cries over a dramatic yet soothing track. TV perfection but not necessarily something to run the radio. if you’re looking something to cry into your pillow though… this is it.

3. I Don’t Wanna Grow Up by Bebe Rexha

I’ve been listening to a lot of Bebe lately. Her music so far has been catchy but has some grit that a lot of pop artists can’t hold onto (Also look into Melanie Martinez). While this track is “prettier” than most of her music her vocals still hold onto the mysterious soul that catches my attention each time. I had actually just heard this on iHeartRadio before writing this post and I’m glad I got to hear it again.

2. Fading by Elijah Blake 

This track isn’t perfect. Far from it but it shows promise. As does songwriter Elijah Blake. Known for working with artists like Usher and Trey Songz I was surprised by how much I like his voice. I hope that in the future he keeps some of those #1’s for himself.

1. Indulge by Jones 

This song stands out so far from every other song on this list. An incredibly talented artist mixed with a great song. This R&B sound is what got me into the music industry to begin with. Fully developed and perfectly performed this track is my new favorite.

So there you have it my Spotify Shuffle for the week! If you found any great new artists this week share them with me on twitter @mefromaustin

– Savannah

Wanted to throw this in!

@TheSantoShow favorited a tweet about this post. I saw this and absolutely loved it!


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