Introductions, the Truth, and the Big Idea.

First let me introduce myself. I’m Savannah and I’m currently living in (in case you couldn’t guess) Austin TX. I have my Bachelors in Music Business from Full Sail University. I’m also an equestrian, vodka lover, and I stopped working in the music business before I really ever got started. That was the truth. After graduating I went through a rough spot in life which happens to a lot of people unfortunately. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and I’m currently working through all of that crazy stuff. Beyond trying to figure out my brain I also had a lot of great opportunities with not so great people. I realized quickly that everyone around me (in the industry) was either miserable or struggling. I decided I needed to step back and truly assess what I wanted from my career in music. Now even though a lady in HR at Paradigm will tell you I’m making excuses (yes, she yelled at me too) I’m not. It is, like I mentioned, the truth. Now the big idea. It starts with this blog… we’ll get to everything else later on. On this blog I want to focus on acts just getting started and the ones that are finally making a name for themselves. Not because its the “keep Austin weird” way but because my entire college experience was filled with a passion for artist development. All a part of the plan.

Thank you for reading and you’ll hear from me soon.



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